Curry eggplant (vegan)


Hey, guys, you know that situation, when you have no clue what to cook for lunch, , so you check what you have at home, and it turns out one of the best things EVER??? Well, that thing just happened. It was fast and delicious!!! So I will quickly write down what I did, because I might forget by tomorrow 🙂

*1 eggplant
*2 medium sized leeks
*coconut oil
*sweet corn (from a jar)
*max 1 dl. water
*coconut milk
*soy sauce
*spices: salt, curry, parsley, pepper, nutmeg, rosemary, basil, lemongrass

And here’s what I did with these things. Time frame will be given…well. Relatively, I guess.
I melted the coconut oil, while chopping the leeks. Then I fried the leeks on low heat in the coconut oil, in a big pan, for as long as I cut the eggplant, first sliced it into disks, then I cut each disk in 6-12 “cubes”. I threw them in the pan as I was cutting it, then mixed the cubes with the leeks. It absorbed the oil instantly, so I had to add some more. I salted the whole thing, added just a bit of water, covered the pan and let is boil for about 10-15 minutes. At some point I added 3 or 4 tablespoons of sweetcorn.
After about 15 minutes it started to look like it’s almost done, so I added the following, I try to remember the order (not that it would matter…): curry (just enough to HAVE a taste, but not to dominate completely), pepper, soy sauce, nutmeg, rosemary (dried), basil (frozen), a hint of lemongrass (frozen), and I poured coconut cooking milk on it (about 1 dl, I think), which might have been even too little, as by the time of serving, the eggplants absorbed most of it. I mixed the whole thing and covered it for another 5 minutes.
Meanwhile I boiled some water for cooking the spaghetti, in a separate pot, of course. Then I turned off the heat under the curry eggplant, it smelled delicious by this moment 🙂 It was put aside while the pasta was cooking, and that was when it happened, that the eggplants absorbed most of the sauce, which made it look a bit dry, but guys….the texture got SO CREAMY and the taste was SO HEAVENLY, that nobody minded the low quantity of sauce! I sprinkled it with parsley in the end, just before serving, and then some more on each plate, because, you know, Parsley tastes best when not cooked 🙂

And from here on it’s as in fairytales. Drain the spaghetti, put it on the plate, pour the curry-eggplant over it, sprinkle with something green (parsley it is for me!), and AMAZE yourself and/or your lunchmate.


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