Accidentally vegan banana bread

Hi guys! Since this recipe became really really popular in my little Hungarian Society, I thought it is time to share the English translation of the recipe with the world. It’s that of a banana bread. Not a big deal. Still, it is one of the best things I have ever tasted, and everybody, who tried it agrees. I came to this final version of the recipe after a series of trial, simplifying, trying to make it not too dry, not too mooshy, using ingredients that are easy to find and not expensive. Whether it’s vegan or not, depends on one ingredient only!!! It’s the margarine/butter. If you use a vegan version, it is vegan. If not, then it’s not 🙂 Enough talking. Here’s what it usually looks like, and please scroll a bit lower for the recipe 🙂


*3 big, very ripe bananas (or 4 medium ones)
*75-80 g melted margarine (vegan) or butter (not vegan) – DO NOT MICROWAVE
*maximum 80 g brown sugar (or whatever sweetener you prefer to use) – be careful here: the more ripe the bananas are, the sweeter they are already, so use sugar accordingly!
*1/2 tsp vanilla (optional)
*1 tsp baking soda
*1 pinch of salt
*200 g wholewheat flour (or, as I started to prepare it upon my family’s request, half white/half wholewheat)
*50g dark chocolate, chopped (optional)
*a handful of pitted sour cherries (you can replace them with dried fruits, or any other fruit of choice) – careful with the quantity, if you add too much, the bread becomes too heavy and it will not rise!

Preparation: Take the bread mold (loaf pan) and grease it, or line it with baking paper, meanwhile preheat the oven to 175°C (the best option will be bottom heating with fan, but it works with anything you have). Mash the bananas with a fork and add all the ingredients to it, one by one, mixing with a whisk. Leave the flour to the end, because you might not need to add it all, this depends on the quality of the bananas and the fat content of the used margarine. If the dough starts to become too thick (however, it should be thicker than muffin dough), stop adding the flour. Add the extras (chocolate, fruits), and try not to mix it too violently after that. Pour it in the baking pan and quickly toss it into the oven, before all the fruits sink to the bottom. Bake for approximately 40 minutes (depends on the baking mode, check with a toothpick). After removing the heavenly result fromt he oven, leave it to slightly cool down in the pan before transferring it to a surface where you can slice it up when no longer hot. It tastes best when luke warm 🙂

WARNING: depending on how many people are around it, you might not find out how it tastes cold. 😀

There you go, ENJOY!!!! Let me know how it turned out!


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