Apple-pumpkin dessert (optionally vegan)

Not a cookie, not a cake. Not a muffin, and definitely not a brownie. It’s much simpler than all of these. Probably also tastier 😉
Although, on second thought, I guess you could bake it in muffin molds…if you want…
So, the tricky ingredient here is the pumpkin – in pumpkin season I always bake a lot of it in the oven, I mash them, and I freeze the puree. If you do the same, this recipe is for you. If you have pumpkin puree available from anywhere else, it is also for you. Make sure to check how sweet the pumpkin is, and adjust the sugar quantity to that.
Cutting it short, here are the ingredients:
*10 dkg vegan margarine (melted)
*10 dkg sugar or sweetener of your taste
*2 eggs (or egg replacements for that quantity)
*18 dkg flour (I made it half whole wheat, half all purpose flour)
*1/2 baking powder or baking soda
*200 g pumpkin puree
*2 big apples (cca 250g), chopped or grated (I never tried blending them, so I cannot promise that would work)
*2 tablespoons of apricot jam (without jelly)
*vanilla, cinnamon, clove

And the preparation is: just mix all of these together, in the order of presentation above, pour it in a baking mold of your choice, put it in a preheated oven to 180-200 °C (I sometimes use fan oven, bottom heat; other times conventional heating) for about 30 minutes the most. That’s it! Let it cool just a bit before cutting it, my advise is: do not wait for too long, it tastes heavenly, when luke warm 🙂 And enjoy!!!!



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