Curry chickpeas with veggie-pasta

I never cook by recipe. Thus, I never cook the same food twice 🙂 Therefore, whatever recipe you see from me, ever, in any language, please don’t take it as an exact science, and add your own spices to it. Literally, and figuratively, too!
Unless it’s baking cakes. There are quantities to more or less follow there, because….that’s the way it is.
So, here is today’s lunch. What I used, it’s on this picture, except the vegetable oil, salt and pepper, which I forgot about, and the nutmeg and a spoon of flour, which was an improvisation later in the process.

So, what do we have here?
For the curry chickpeas:
-vegetable oil (very little, just to fry the onions on it a bit)
-carrots (I had some frozen)
-curry, salt, pepper, a little water (I used some from the water in which the rest of the stuff was cooking)
For the side dish:
-sweet potato
-curly kale (I had that one frozen, too)
-sweet corn (canned)
-salt, nutmeg, water
Quantities I used you can see on the picture, but feel free to match it up to your taste.
I cut the onions as small as I could, and ran them on hot oil for a minute. Meanwhile I put the chickpeas (canned, preboiled, in their own water) to boil and poured the onions into that. I cut the garlic in bigger slices and threw it in, added some salt. I also added the carrots and put the lid on, letting it boil on low-medium heat.
While this was boiling, I cleaned the sweet potato, cut it in small cubes and put it to boil in salty water, but just as much water as to cover the cubes. After 10 minutes I added the sweet corn and the curly kale. At this point I noticed that the chickpeas absorbed most of the liquids, so I poured a little on it from the boiling water of the sweet potatoes.
I seasoned the chickpeas with curry and pepper, and let it boil for another 3-4 minutes, when I noticed I added a bit too much water, so I took a spoon of whole grain flour and sieved it over the chickpeas, to make it thicker. It did not change the taste, but the texture became almost creamy, it was a very good touch!
I seasoned the sweet potatoes (+kale+corn) with some nutmeg, because I assumed it would taste even better (it did!) and turned the heat off under it.
And here came the pasta. I used handmade millet pasta, I think this shape is called snail or shell (conchiglie). And when that was done, I served the whole thing like this:

My husband ate it all and more, and he did not even notice this is vegan food 🙂
Did you? 😉


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