Mushroom-walnut spaghetti

Guys, I am pretty sure I’m not the first to mix these flavors, so I will not brag about being SO original, but truth must be told: I did not copy any recipe. I just opened the fridge on a Sunday morning, and checked, what I could make for lunch. Shops are closed on Sundays now, in the “Corona-period” (I live in Slovenia), so I was to use only what I had. So, THIS was born. Oh My God, everybody should try this, it’s an incredible sauce!!!
Since cooking is an even less of a rocket science, than baking, and I was not measuring anything simply because I did not know how it would turn out, I will give you a pretty loose recipe, vary it by your taste 🙂
-1 medium sized onion, chopped
-a little walnut oil (any vegetable oil will fit, really)
-cca 150-200g champignon mushrooms
-1/2 bouillon cube (veggie)
-oat based cooking cream
-max 2 dl water
-fresh lemon peel
-salt, pepper
-parsley leaves

I chopped the onions and ran it for a few minutes on walnut oil, just until they got glassy. I added the chopped mushrooms, after 1-2 minutes on oil I poured a small glass of water on it, threw in half a soup cube, and let it cook for 15 minutes. Then I added 3 teaspoons of ground walnuts, stirred well and poured some cooking cream on it ( couldn’t be more than 1 dl). Upon tasting, I judged it is not salty and flavoury enough, so I added some salt, a little pepper and fresh lemon peel (I peeled about quarter of a lemon). Gave it a touch from Heaven 🙂 I let it rest for about 20 minutes, not on purpose, but because the guys (husband and kiddo) were not home yet. It was a good idea, it got thicker and creamier. I cooked the spaghetti, and when serving, I decorated it with chopped parsley leaves and some more lemon peel. Also, for my husband, I put a chilli pepper on the plate (no, that is not a rose on the picture, hehehe).
We ate it with a mixed lettuce salad, and desert wine for grown-ups, elderflower juice for the underaged.
Try it. You will love it!

You’re welcome 🙂


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