When you find out you are pregnant and you tell your closest friends and family, everybody is excited and happy, and they all say how wonderful it is! So you cannot wait to live through those months. You decide you will eat healthy, continue going to your regular trainings, and you will dress up in tight clothes, because you are proud of your belly.
In reality….after a few weeks you are so sick, that you cannot even lean down to put your shoes on without throwing up, nevertheless going for trainings….your belly looks like having eaten too much of muffins, and you are actually putting on your father’s clothes to hide it. You are sleepy all the time, you cannot handle the weather, you are double yourself in size, half yourself in performance….and horny all the time.
Your mother friends say, yeah…it is like this….but then second trimester comes and it will all go away. You are counting the days….but guess what 🙂 you are one of the exceptions. Everything is getting worse. Except, you can show your belly now, it is getting clear, it is not the ice cream 🙂 You are still sick, you cannot eat, or you could eat everything, one day you drink only milk all day, next day you throw up even if someone mentions milk….you are growing, hitting yourself in every door and wall because you are not used to your dimensions….and those few moments, when you are alone and feel your baby moving, makes you happy, but not enough to forget all the sh*t that comes with it.
And then comes third trimester. All day you are waiting for your husband to come home and give you a foot massage, to pick up things from the floor that you dropped along the day, and to put your shoes on so that you can go out take some air…the baby is not turning so he is kicking you in the wrong places all the time, you cannot sleep anymore, you cannot stay awake, and you cannot wait for that little creature to come out of you! And then they come….THE mothers, who tell you, they ALL had postponed labor, long after their due date, and you wish to strangle them all with a smile on your face….:)
BUT. Your boobs look fabulous! Your hair never looked better! Your skin is like new! You are glowing on the outside and everybody says how good pregnancy fits you! And after all, when you look back on your pictures, you realize, that apparently, it was not so bad after all. You should do it again after this one! Right….RIGHT? 🙂



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  1. noxie says:

    Definitely right, baby! 🙂


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